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South Carolina Roll Call - add your screen name


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Great! Glad to see they're starting to ramp-up. We relocated from the Low Country to the UpState just about the time that Volvo announced they were bringing auto production to South Carolina.


We do have a huuuuuge BMW facility with all their supporting infrastructure, about 30 mins from us.


Do you know where you're going to be living? We lived in Charleston and Berkeley Counties. They each have their advantages.


A friend of mine who I hunt with programs the robots at the BMW plant.

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Took family to Greenville cars & coffee at Michelin. Saw this legacy, which has the same sti shift knob and exhaust that I have on the wagon. Noticed a sway bar too, but wasn't up for crawling that far under someone's car to figure it out. Anyone recognize it?



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Wassup everyone, I'm new to the area, im a gamer xbox and ps4, soon to be adding pc as well. Now fun stuff, I own a 09 legacy 2.5i premium... and I wanna do a engine swap to a 3.0 or gt...so let me here it

Also if there are any subie clubs in the area, I'm in the SC Ladson,North Charleston area

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