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Are front calipers the same between the GT and non-GT models?


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First, thanks to folks on this forum for posting great tips and walk throughs on brakes. I changed the rotors and pads over the weekend and reviewing the posts beforehand made the job a piece of cake.

But I did discover a problem that I wasn't expecting. When I pulled a front caliper off I found one of the dust seals was pretty well chewed up. The piston itself slides in and out without trouble, but with a torn seal it's probably only a matter of time before it freezes up on me.

I called the local Pepboys looking for a remanufactured caliper. The caliper for a GT is identified on their website but the counter man I spoke with said that it wasn't showing on his computer so he couldn't even order one for me. I found several places on line (i.e., Summit) that list Legacy calipers but do not distinguish between a GT and a non-turbo model. I was under the impression that the GT has larger brakes than the non-GT and therefore the calipers would be different.

Does anyone know offhand if the calipers are the same between the GT and the non-turbo model?

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Yep, pulled my calipers off the other day to do brakes and had the same thing happen, but mine WAS seized.


I found a used caliper thru a junk yard, but the first one I found was for a 2.5i and the second place I called I made them confirm it was a GT caliper.

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