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What happens when you lose your wideband plug


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We installed a catted downpipe on my friend's 05 5EAT, and he forgot to tighten the cap that plugs the spot for a wideband. A week later it popped off, and after a little driving (he drove it home, then to my place to get it checked) this is what the LV looked like...


Note the IAM value.


Needless to say, I had him park it until the replacement cap arrives . Should be any day now.


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Wow so the CEL must have caused the IAM to go to zero, eh? I keep my plug on very loosely... just finger-tight and then a half turn with the wrench. That, and a bunch of anti-seize. I take it off at least once a month for logging AFR's. My last 02 sensor seized so I'm more liberal with the anti-seize and not so liberal with torque. I imagine it was a little loud and/or smelly in the cabin with that plug off.

My '05 LGT

My '07 Supercharged Shelby

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