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New Differential and Rear Axle?

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Alright, so my car as been through a hell of a last couple weeks. My clutch started slipping so we took it to the shop. New clutch, new flywheel...that didn't work, break open the case, replace bearings...worked...for a minute.


APPARENTLY the dealer took my car out for a drive to make sure my transmission is good and now they are telling me that my rear axle and differential need to be replaced and it's my fault because of my aftermarket springs. Does that sound right to you guys? I'm not the happiest of poor college students this week.

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think about the purpose of the springs. Have them prove to you that the springs caused the diff to go bad. Remember you are innocent until proven guilty.


Tell them you can have a lawer argue that their throttle jockeys did something to your car.


Hey, we don't call them stealerships for no good reason.

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The foreman has ZERO idea what he is talking about. The main issue is that where I'm going to college there isn't a dealer so that they can warranty the work.


Apparently, the differential and axle are covered under warranty. My brother is going to check out the car when it gets on a lift this afternoon. If there is anything new to add after my brother talks to the tech who is actually working on it then I'll post it up.

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