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Possible Upgrades

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I posted in the Outback section but I havn't gotten any response.


I am hoping to be able to put about $2000 into my XT over the next several months. I have a few ideas but I would love to hear to any and all suggestions.


Idea #1 (without voiding the warranty)

17" light-weight wheels (possibly used STI's) - $1200

great all-season tires (Pilot AS, Pirelli M+S, Falken 512) - $600-$800


Idea #2 (without voiding the warranty)

18" light-weight wheels (probably Rota Tarmac II's) - $800

great all-season tires (Pilot AS, Conti extreme contact or Avon 550) - $600-$900

Short throw shifter - $350


Idea #3 (probably voiding the warranty)

17" or 18" wheel/tire combo - $1300

Cobb AccessPort - $650


Also, does the K&N Performance Air Filter add any additional hp/torque?

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Wheels and tires won't void the warranty, and are the single most outwardly noticeable upgrade.


Your wheels might be determined by your tires. You have an outback, are you planning any "soft roading?" That may determine a tire fitment, which may determine wheel size, 17 versus 18. I'd go at least 7.5 inches wide, for a 225 width tire, which are fairly common in both diameters.


The short throw shifter is up to you. If you want it, go for it.


The Access port is the question. it may void the warranty, but subie engines are reputed to be extremely reliable. Judicious use of the correct maps probably won't be an issue. If something happens, it can be re-flashed back to stock.


It just seems like you need to decide how nice of rolling stock to get, then with what is left, decide if you want creature comforts like short shifter, or if you want to make the jump to more power with an access port.

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K&N has done an incredible job of marketing that they increase performance. An air filter isn't going to give you any amount of horsepower that you can feel. It may show up on a dyno if you test it before and after, but the butt dyno isn't going to tell you anything. You simply can't feel the 1 or 2 hp that you'll gain by breathing a little better.


What about tinting the windows? Figure a couple hundred for that. That would be my first mod. Rims and tires would probably be next. AP can wait a little longer. I'd probably do the short throw before AP. I've got the short throw in my car and its pretty nice. Its not as short as it was in my Integra, but still respectable.


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