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Ok, so the woman just got a new car today. She went to show her friend and it's really dark in his neighborhood and she backed into a mailbox. Now this mailbox was brick and more like a pillar (much like the corner of a house). Needless to say it did a bit of damage and took some paint.


She owns a 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix GT. It's color is Galaxy Silver blah blah blah.


Anyway, here's my thoughts. It's an ABS plastic bumper and I've never repainted anything before (aside from my RS rims), but I'm assuming wet sand down with a light grit (2000?), mask it off and hit it with one heavier coat of primer (They're just spots of missing paint down to the black). Let the primer dry then hit it with the silver. Heavy coat first time and then a light after it dries. Then hit it with a heavy coat of primer. Does this sound about right? If anyone has good advice for repainting small areas I could use it.

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