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having trouble finding egr valve

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I am having trouble finding my egr vavle. I have a trouble code that says I need to replace my purge solenoide but I thought I would try cleaning the egr valve. I have a 1995 legacy does anyone know if there is site with a picture of where the egr vavle is? Or could post a picture here.

thanks for your help,


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can't find link to photo. do a google search, may help.

the egr valve is on the top of the manifold driver side . It looks like a small bell housing. One vacuum line going to a small plastic box(purge solenoid). Lots of little hoses there make sure they are without leaks, or just replace. A foot of tubing will cover all of them. The EGR itself is held on by 2 12mm nuts. Once removed clean with engine cleaner. Keep as much spray as possible from the rubber diaphragm part.

Do a search here there have been other threads on EGR issues.


Hope this helps.



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I looked all over it again. Followed the vacuum hose from the back whatever to the spark plug wire, it was suppose to go to the EGR. I looked on the hood and it had a diagram of the vacuum hoses and it did not show an EGR. I looked on the Internet and it said not all engines had one.

Any Ideas?

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