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FS: ProDrive Pff7 18x8 Anthercite


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I'm trying to sale my Prodrive PFF7's before I move to Houston in a few weeks as I feel they will just break there and I would be sad/pissed if that happened.


Prodrive Pff7 Anthercite 18x8 +51 with Hankook Ventus V12 235/40/18 tires (I'll get the thread depth when I take them off the car) Tires are less than 6 months old even and probably have 6-8k miles on them or so.


They have rock chips and some coating chipping/bubbling but a good powdercoat will fix it all up. Thinking of around $1000 with the tires for these since they are no longer made and perfectly fine other then the small cosmetics.




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I'm biased, but I still think that these are one of the absolute *BEST* looking rims on the BL/BP. :)


Free bump!


Oh, and BTW, bro, if you really wanted to keep them, don't worry, they won't self-destruct.


They may not be forged, but they're still *damned* strong. I bought mine from a local STi-owner, second-hand, for a song, knowing full well that I'd shed tears if I'd bought them new, and they got dinged. :redface: I also felt that if they did get more severely damaged from our "summer" potholes, I wouldn't feel so bad.


I've now run 225/40s on my set for going on 4 years, and they've yet to (knock on wood! :D) see anything other than some curbage (with the 225-width 'Kook RS-2s, I trade razor-wire steering response for virtually no rim protection, at all). We've got hellacious potholes here in NE-Ohio, thanks to wintertime road-treatments and plowing, and they don't all get fixed until fall. No problems.


These are strong rims that trade a bit of weight for that strength. :) Unless you're planning on Knight Rider jumps, you'll be fine.

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