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a few will it work questions

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I've found a 95 legacy L in a junkyard ;)


its only been there 4 days and is pretty fresh


so i grabbed all the interior stuff that was in better condition than mine but


didnt grab the ac or guages because im wondering if they will work in a 98 Gt

both are manual transmissions, im wondering because it would be easier to mod the parts then swap them onto my car

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Actually, this isn't true.


The 1995 Legacy L had the 2.2L engine. The A/C compressor is different.


The GT came with two different styles of A/C compressors from the factory, both made for Subaru from different OEM manufacturers. He has to figure out which one he has, as there is a bit of a price difference. Either way, the bolt patterns to mount the compressors should be the same, but the pressure lines might be different. Check, its worth it.



Either way, the 1995 base model Legacy had the EJ22 and the 1998 GT had the EJ25.

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yo zues, dont turn my thread into a shitfest


i only am wondering about the climate controls that are inside the car as mine are sticky from coffee =l and want to mod both with leds of course

my compressor still blows cold, although i rather just crank everything wide open never use a/c.




its nice finding a fresh car in a junkyard though because it looked pretty fucked when i had finished with it

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