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A/C stopped working on a hot/humid day


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We had a very very V.E.R.Y. hot day today in Chicago and my car's A/C stopped working. It has previously done this on two occasions: about 2 years ago on a hot, rainy summer day when I was stuck in traffic and two weeks ago when i was stuck in traffic, on another scorching day. But today...I was actually moving along at some 20-30 mph when it just stopped working. This was at 3 pm. By 4 pm I had a flat tire so it did not matter any more. By 5 pm with the tire fixed (plugged), the engine cool(er), the AC started working again; and continued for the remainder of the evening. it works at full strength, I am basically freezing at 70 F setting.


Now I know there is feature so that it does not work all the time so it protects itself from "freezing" and from "burning" - sort of run 10 seconds ...wait 10 seconds off ( or something to that extent). But why did it stop working altogether ? Yes, the under hood temperatures were VERY hot...but my coolant was around 87 C (190 F) which is sort of normal temperature for my car (CarPC read-out). My coolant is about 1 year old and it was recently topped off. Was it some engine self-protection mode ? Did it shut off the A/C compressor (which is cooled with engine coolant) so it can better cool the rest of the engine ? Was the compressor "freezing" ? I had it on a mild 70 F setting. Have you guys experienced similar stuff ?


Thanks. Input appreciated.

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Hmmm. I am not low on refrigerant. That is one thing I am certain about.


Maybe time for a colder thermostat THEN get the oil cooler radiator.


I'm sorry but that is some seriously warped logic:spin:


You're going to dramatically reduce your oil & coolant temps in an attempt to get your a/c back? Have you even considered the complications from running a colder t-stat and air>oil cooler, or even the basics of how our cooling system operates?


I see you live in Chicago, what's the plan when winter rolls around? Post a thread about why your heat doesn't work?:lol:

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the plan is - as I do this every winter - to put 2 pieces of cardboard in front of the radiator and play with the opening depending on the ambient temperature. Works very well.


There is nothing worng with my AC unit - unless it is the compressor. Funny, I was freezing inside the car tonite, on the same 70 F setting but ambient temps of 68 F.


I will get a colder thermostat and replace my year old coolant and take it from there

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