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I call her Jillian. I put an EJ20G in her today.




Pardon the mess. It's actually cleaner than it was before we started. Haha.






Again... pardon the mess.




Finally mated!







So here's a big issue. Any suggestions short of buying another intercooler? The TD05's outlet is clocked so that I'd have to make some rather snaky bends (I had already, actually, but they only fit when the engine wasn't in the car).




So a pair of newbies did it. It took us around 2.5 hours, but I'm pretty sure we didn't screw anything up too badly.


I misread the manual, and because of my lack of knowledge and a slight brain fart, I tried to torque one of the pressure plate bolts down at 156 ft-lbs. You can probably guess what happened to that bolt. Pliers and a trip to NAPA fixed it.


We fought with the engine for something like 15 minutes because of a stupid "peg" that my old engine left in the tranny. The EJ20G's peg couldn't go in the hole, so we had to pull the engine out and work the old peg out.


I broke one of the power steering and alternator belt tensioner bolts because I forgot to loosen the other one.


The engine mounts were a pain - they wouldn't match up with the holes. But a little prying and wiggling did the job eventually.


The clutch works.


Now all that's left is the strenuous job of running hoses and checking all of the torques.... and finding a solution to my intercooler problem.


Oh and a question that came up while my friend and I were talking about wasted spark engines: Say I had the injector plugs switched on one bank of cylinders.... what is most likely to happen when I try to start the engine?


Thanks for reading!

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I can't answer your questions but i like watching builds like this. good job man!








Oh, but the way......pull up your pants:lol:;)

258k miles - Stock engine/minor suspension upgrades/original shocks/rear struts replaced at 222k/4 passenger side wheel bearings/3 clutches/1 radiator/3 turbos
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lol. They were so annoying. I don't like wearing belts when I work on my car for apparent reasons, and I hadn't washed my overalls. So I had to wear my old "work" pants :(
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I present to you.......


....fertilizer hose! lol




No, really. It's fertilizer hose, and it's just temporary until I have the cashes to have some custom crap built.


With this in, all I have left is the following:

-Nightmare vacuum lines

-Coolant lines



-Other random shit

-Engine mount nuts

-Torque checks

-Battery reinstall


I really can't wait until I have the time and money to tear it all down and build it back up right.

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awesome, love the wheels.


Thanks. Got a SWEET deal on them imported from Japan. Not sure whether I want to recolor them or not. They do, at least, need to be resurfaced... but I'll wait until I have another set before I do that.

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Borrowed a friend's battery today to see how all the electrical stuff is going. Everything works and the engine cranks. I didn't let it start, though, since it has no coolant, and I'm waiting for my friend to be in town so he can see its first start. Hopefully videos tomorrow.
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Since I'm waiting on someone, I put the front end back on the car, and did some mad JDMTYTES bodywork where I was originally going to mount my Hellas. Decided I didn't like it, and I'm putting my turn signals back in there temporarily.





Brought the battery to Schwab, but they want to charge it and test it..... I didn't tell them it's been sitting for a year and a half. So I should have the new one tomorrow.

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[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10GcVKceVzo]YouTube- Running... sort of.[/ame]


Gut feeling is.... not good. Any ideas? Not going to tell everyone what to listen for... hopefully someone can pick it up. One thing I should note is the O2 sensor isn't hooked up.... but that's not what I'm worried about.

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Crap, man...I dont know. My friend Bryan's ticks, but not that bad. Also it comes and goes.


You can ignore the ticking. That's just the crappy camera microphone. More worried about the other dominant sound.


It matches with the lateral movement of the belt, which makes me think it's just something rubbing on the timing belt cover. It's hard to really hear it through the video, but in person it sounds nothing like when I broke my previous engine, and more like metal rubbing on plastic. Maybe I'm just trying to be optimistic, but I guess I'll know when I get the rest of the cover off after this weekend.


The car revs smoothly, it's just making this weird noise.

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I only want the heads, anyway.


Like I said before, it doesn't sound anything like any internal problem I've ever seen, nor does it sound anything close to metal on metal. The sound became more audible when I took the timing cover off, and matches the movement of the belt (the crank pulley doesn't move at all).


The engine doesn't shake or anything, and revs smoothly. The exhaust note is smooth, and there is no smoke coming from anywhere but the front where oil is dripping onto the crosspipe. And that was only once after I pushed it hard around the block, which would imply it's a leaking seal on the front side of the engine.


The car is a little weaker on the low end, which was expected (maybe not this much, though), but it still pulls harder than my old engine in the boost.


The only thing that could be interpreted as an indication of an internal problem is the sound, which to me, doesn't sound like an internal problem at all. If someone can give me something else to check that will indicate it's an internal issue, please do. But I'm not going to commit to tearing it open (again) until I've at least taken the timing covers off. lol

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That was the plan, anyway. The oil I bought was for winter, and it was all I had on hand when I wanted to start the car. Can't afford 5 new quarts, so I'll drain it when it's in a place I can leave it for a while. I'm 95% confident it isn't an internal problem. The sound is even louder with the center timing cover unbolted. Still can't see anything, though.


At this point I'm willing to bet on a pulley that's loose or dying.

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Waterpump pulley:

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FiWa1PcF40w]YouTube- It moves! lol[/ame]


Need to replace the water pump. Exploring options at the moment. Also still need to consider doing cam seals. Need a wrench for it though... bent valves don't sound fun.

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Ah good to hear it you found the problem! :) I was wondering if the fertilizer hose that you're using will hold up for very long with the ambient heat. I know you said it was a temporary fix, but I'd be careful with plastic in the engine bay. Keep on truckin' and good luck!
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