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Fake scoop

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if you do get a wrx swap, you want L hood with a Bugeye STI hood scoop


around 300$ on ebay/ cheaper if you get the hood from a junkyard,


as it cools the intercooler tons better than opening our stock hoodscoop does...


unfortunately ours is just for show..


Some people have opened theres up and put mesh inside, and i've thought the same.


only worries is when it rains if you dont set something up you have it pouring on the engine which isnt a good thing same with snow.



for looks, you could open it up and throw a air filter in there and bam it looks like you have a intercooler... but then people will just think you cant drive or your car is slow as shiet for turbo

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ya they do look quite nice, my car would look lame without it.. Sorry L drivers =p


but for 130$ an L owner could put a sti hood scoop on and even without a turbo that scoops so big it will probably cool down the whole engine bay a bit.



It would be sweet to have a Tornado filter sitting inside an Sti Hoodscoop getting fresh air if you were without turbo...

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sti scoop does not look bad.


check out the thread


"post pictures of your older legacy"


theres a silver one with sti scoop, and also a light bar. Looks awesome.


with the Gt's pretty huge spoiler it works out well.

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Ok so everytime I see a post like this; it is followed straight up by someone posting..."warning...you will get flamed/bitched at etc for your question" Regardless of how big of an asshole the first responder could be, they always warn haha.

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