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Hello All,


Just purchased my 1st Subaru, 1995 Legacy GT/B Spec with 2000cc Turbo'd engine 50000kms that I am importing from Japan any advice before it arrives. It is in near perfect shape and the engine/transmission reflects this.


Besides Fluid changes anything else that should be changed out, also options for inexpensive hp upgrade ie reccomended cold air intake/exhaust and can these be chipped.


Looking forward to the new toy


Thank you in advance





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that's beautiful. excellent pick, wish they turboed the ones over here. I'd pick one up (at least try to) but then I'd have to learn right-hand drive and everything, and i doubt i'm ready for that haha. chipping is a good idea for a turbo, it will unlock plenty of horsepower that usually gets lost through the wastegate that the stock setup has. Definitely do an intake, you could get a good 10hp with a metal one that runs to the fender. Hmm...
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