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WRX suspension?!

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OK so im going to pick up a set of 02 wrx wagon struts and springs. Oem of course. but waswondering will it give it a lower stance? or will it remain the same? i am planning on buying springs at a later time to lower it even more. but as of right now just curious.:confused:
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ok so not the best pictures.

ill post up pictures of the whole car tommorow.

this is the front height before.


After wrx wagon suspension.


Rear before the swap.


rear after...



what do you think?! used wrx wagon stock suspension and top hats all around.

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Why did you use parts from a wagon? Is that just what was available? Would wrx sedan parts work? Just wondering. I have front and rear kyb gr-2 struts, mounts, and springs from an 03 wrx sedan in my garage. Someone gave them to me and said they would work. I never Tried to use them cause I don't know for sure if they will fit.
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I used wagon suspension because thats what my friend had laying around and gave to me for free. Also i own a wagon and thought it would eliminate the "booty sag". I believe that sedan suspension will work too. somewhere in this forum they have a listing of what fits. I think all 02-05 suspension bolts up. also as long as its a 5x100 bolt pattern or something along that line.

I believe the spacer goes between the top hat and the car. I will be ordering them this week.

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