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Vanity Plates

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Show off funny vanity plates if you spotted one.


Here is a site dedicated to the 100 Top Rated License plates:



Some of my favorties:






On the search for a new DD...
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Sure. Actually, here is one that was on my last car:



I saved it after I sold the car, it will be going on my dad's FD RX-7 soon, which is even more appropriate.

On the search for a new DD...
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This is the third new scooby it's been on but I still like it :)




2019 Imp Sport 5 Dr (Mine) 2013 Outback Premium (Wife's)

2010 Legacy 3.6R (Son), 2001 Forester S (other son)

1999 Miata (my summer ride)

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^ one of my favs


Followed a Boxster this weekend CT plate "ROOM 4 2"

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And - no, Elvis hasn't been riding in that car but his band members has - and they have left their signatures in the car on the door panels.

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Here's mine off my SRT8...I love the looks I get on the road and track :)







before the murder job on High Plains Raceway in CO




I wanted 10 MPH but my wife refused to get in the beast if I got it.

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