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Spec B Wheels


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I recently bought an 06 White LGT. The previous owner gave me a set of Spec B rims to go with it. My question is.....is the suspension on a spec b lower than the LGT? The wheels and tires are about an inch taller than the 17's and I think the car looks too high.


I'm trying to decide whether or not to keep the Spec b rims. If I do, should I lower the car a bit? If I sell, what can I expect to get out of them? (06 or 07 in great shape, 1 wheel has a small rash on the outside of the rim, they have potenza's with about 5k on them.)


I appreciate your advice and opinion.



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You got a set of original Spec B wheels and tires as a bonus offer?!


Nice. We have slobbered over those wheels here since 2004. Definitely one of the prettiest wheels Subaru has ever come out with.


To answer your question, No, I don't think the SPec B had a lowered appearance from teh factory. It had Bilstein struts and matched springs, but it wasn't lowered compared to a regular GT.


If you keep the rims, you should lower the car. Plenty of cheap and expensive options out there to choose from.

GP MOTO coilovers all the way down to Tein springs.



The wheels and tires should sell for a wide margin of 600- 1000 bucks. Depending on wear. Yes, they are nice, but they are OEM and this doesn't mean they are worth a ton on the open market.



Search the classifieds for Spec B rim sales. You'll get an idea.

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They are hideous. Sell them to me. (Need them for autox, since they're better that 08 stock wheels). Which potenzas are on those? Stock?


On the suspension: LGT height 56.1", spec.b height 56.5", 1" larger diameter wheel explains the .5" height difference, so there a possibility of spec.b being .1" inch lower, but that's just too small of a difference. So I'd say they are the same.

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