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engine swap

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I have searched and can't seem to find my answer

I recently bought the misses a 06 legacy wagon special edition

i have done quite a few engine swaps


here is my question

can i just get the turbo legacy engine form that year and the ecu

and plug and play

i know most engine swaps require engine harness splicing and so on

but if it is out of the same year and same model could i get a way with just getting the ecu and the engine?


this is a research question

my dream...nay my aspiration in life is to make a legacy wagon s401 twin turbo sti from a wrecked legacy s401. but unlike don Quixote i don't have a serious head injury and my sweet Dulcenea does not like me spending oodles of cash on the family wagon

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i am super familiar with NASIOC and how to do a jdm engine swap

it is the usdm i was more referring to to

how hard is it to make a o6 legacy non turbo a turbo model i would thnk and i want confirmation that it would be like dropping in a new engine and just plugging in a different ecu? any body know yes or no one way

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