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Spring Meet at Wicked Innovation!


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Matt and Tom finally chose a date for their now bi-annual meet, they'll be doing one every spring and one every fall from now on. Some info and pics from their meet last September are here.


Everyone is invited, you don't have to drive your Subie either. There should be a good showing of Hondas (CRXs especially) and possibly a gang of Minis to complement the sea of Subarus. They'll have free food again, grilling burgers and dogs, tons of soda and drinks and some custom baked goods 8). Feel free to bring anything you want and they'll throw it on the grill.


As before, they ask everyone to please be respectful of their neighbors on the residential part of Liberty Lane (you have to drive through it to get there). They have already been visited recently by the local police due to noise and speed compaints on the road, so please be respectful and don't ruin this for everyone. We all know what a loud Subaru and EWG and all that sounds like, we don't need to hear it again. Likewise for loud Hondas (yes, Tom drives one too) and motorcycles running at full tilt and doing "tricks" in the parking lot. They also ask that nobody bring alcohol, and they will not be providing it to anyone. They are not in the business of checking IDs, and I'm sure nobody wants to have a DUI associated with the meet either. Anyone who wants to be a pain about this stuff will be asked to leave.


For those of you who haven't been to the shop recently, they have moved down the row. Same address, different unit, they're in #11 now instead of #4, so just keep driving until you see all the cars parked at the beginning of the second building, it should be pretty obvious. They'd like to see everyone come out who can, the September meet was much bigger than they anticipated, and the shop has only grown since then.



Now for the critical info!


When: Sunday, 25 April 2010, all day

Where: 351 Liberty Lane, West Kingston RI 02892

Who: everyone who's anyone!


The official meet thread. ~> http://newenglandsubarus.com/forums/showthread.php?t=10691

Wicked Innovation forum on NES. ~> http://newenglandsubarus.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=126



*note for people with GPS who haven't been there before:*


Some GPS units will take you down the other end of Liberty, on the other side of the train tracks. That road no longer accesses this side of the tracks since the high-speed line now operates there. You'll have to get onto Liberty Lane via Watson Rd off 138, or off 138 directly. Tom made up this ultra high-tech map to show the correct route (arrows) vs the incorrect route (red Xs).



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