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2000 LGT engine Build

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My Sister's 2000 LGT Had sat for 2 years due to a blown head gasket. What she didn't tell me was how hot and how many times she got it hot. When she bought the car, it smelled of coolant. She took it back to the dealer she bought it from, and they "fixed it". Then the heater core exploded. They replaced it. Then the rad exploded, they fixed that. Then it started to piss collant from between the head and block on cylinder 1.

Then it sat for 2 years.


My brother in law, drove out east and brought it out here 6400km trip. I pulled the engine, drained the oil and found chocolate milk.... 6 liters of it. When i pulled of the heads, i found 1/4" thick coating of grey crap on all the coolant passages. The dealer must have run a nice mix of 50% block sealer and 50% antifreeze!!:mad:. I decided i would split the block to check out the pistons and bearings. What i found was the rod bearings were down to copper, and the pistons looked like they had been dragged down a gravel road.




EJ252 block and sohc heads

  • 12:1 TWE pistons
  • STI Rods
  • cometic head gaskets
  • nitrated crank
  • TWE cams and springs (only on the intake) with titanium lash caps
  • 10mm STI oil pump
  • Ported heads
  • ACL race bearings
  • Block and heads CBM decked. & bored .020 over

Now the root cause. I found when i first fired it it would not rev pass 3500. missed bucked ect. I tested the fuel pressure and found that it was at 43psi until i hit the gas, then it dropped. When i pulled the rear seat out, i found that someone had tried to fix a booboo they did (breaking off the elbow for the supply line off the top of the unit) by using 1/8 brake line and hot glue!!! So running lean casued HG failure and the dealer tried to bandaid from there on in.


New $300 pump/sender assembly from subaru, and things ran magical!!!


Old parts




new parts







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The Car runs freaking awsome!! Handed it back to my sister last week, but not before i beat on it some to ensure nothing was gonna break. It averages 30-31mpg on the highway at 70mph and pulls hard from 2000-redline.[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TEvVssfg4UI]YouTube- test run with new engine[/ame] is a video of the first test flight


I would like to give a huge thanks to Tom Penner at TWE for putting up with me and taking the time to answer my questions. The components he sells may seem at first to be priced high, but man do they work!! I wish i would have gone this route with the forester engine build.









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