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Homemade grille


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1. We need better pictures.

2. What did you make it out of and how did you do it. Don't post a picture like that without a 'how to' article. That's just cruel. :lol:


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258k miles - Stock engine/minor suspension upgrades/original shocks/rear struts replaced at 222k/4 passenger side wheel bearings/3 clutches/1 radiator/3 turbos
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Here is updated pics. Sorry those last ones were taken last night at like 11ish after I finished.












Send me a grille and I can do it for you =P


It is quite simple to do this. Just go to your local car store and get some low-gloss black spraypaint, scuff pad, sandpaper, the mesh grille stuff (get the $30 stuff from the car place because Home Depot has the same kind of stuff but it is not as heavy duty, rusts easy, and bends easily)


Also you need to have wire cutters, a black marker, screwdriver, a dremel tool really helps but if you don't have one a hack saw works too, and 10mm wrench (I have an 2002 and thats what it needed).


Take the grille off from the hood, then CAREFULLY use a dremel tool (hack saw) and just all the stuff in the middle out of it. After its all out use the sandpaper to sand down your cuts so it is pretty smooth (it doesn't have to be perfect since it wont be seen behind the mesh) The use the scuff pad to scuff all the "chrome" that is showing so the paint will stick. The lay the mesh stuff over the grille and use the marker to mark where you need to cut. Its always a good idea to leave a little more then what you need just in case. Then use the wire cutters to cut the mesh out. Please the mesh on the grille and positiion it how you want it. Now this is the part that is different for everybody. You can screw the mesh into the grille, glue it into place, bend it over it. Whatever you think will be better. Personally I screwed it into place.


Once the mesh is mounted and pretty sturdy, you can paint it.


Once it dries, put it back on your hood, and you are done!

2002 Subaru Legacy L (Retired)

2008 Subaru Legacy 2.5GT

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Nice!! I am about to cash out 300bux for a Gialla or Syms Grille which look just like this. I have to look into my stock one and see if I can take it apart. I've seen dark gray mesh in autobacs the other day. If I get the frame from my grille, paint it white to match the car, screw on the custom mesh, but a red B4 symbol in the corner, it will coolest grille in the street. Damn.... if only i can take apart the stock grille...
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