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Great News! USA Rain Guards Are Here!

05 GT LTD Owner

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Auto Ventshade has put up a part # for the '05 GT Sedans.


I'd love to get the Subaru Factory ones, but knowing them, it'll be a few more months before it is available to us here in the USA.


:eek::eek: Just like the Mud Guards, that took them over 6 months to even acknowledge, SOA has dropped the ball on this one too. :eek::eek:



I've never seen the Subaru ones in person, but from the crappy photos I have seen, they look a little too small for me.


And over $120.00 for importing them is out of the question.





Go get 'em.


$48.00, more or less.





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I have them on my LGT. Bought them as options straight fm the dealer.


Here is a horrible phone pic. Might show it a little. Dont ask for pricing due to the fact that i got them for free.

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Yes, they are stock on almost all JDM cars for a reason.

#1 - most all japanese people smoke and need the window to be cracked

#2 - when the window is cracked the wind noise will be reduced if installed properly

#3 - when it's raining rain will not drip inside.

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Are the aftermarket ones really that small? I have the JDM ones like the ones in the pic.....I had to point them out to 'B4_Maniac' today when he was checking out my car. Subtle is good. :D
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oh yeah, and how is that they're 4 piece? the ones in the picture are two piece, aren't they?


They have to be 4 piece... you have 4 doors :)

Otherwise if it was one piece front to back how would you open the doors! :)

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Wagon version is two pieces.....they mount to the trim above the windows. Very subtle and effective......I forget they are there except that I don't have wet seats when I get into the car when it's raining. :D
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Well, they arrived earlier this afternoon.

3 days to my door.


Here are some pictures.



Not bad for a total of $58.00.



Now bring on more rain!









PayPal Shopping Cart Contents


Tue, 29 Mar 2005

Item Name: 4 Piece Vent Visors

Item Number: 94424

Quantity: 1

Total: $48.00 USD


Cart Subtotal: $48.00 USD

Sales Tax: $0.00 USD

Shipping: $10.00 USD

Cart Total: $58.00 USD


PayPal only, as far as I could figure.




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look bigger than the oem ones



To each his own, but that is exactly the look I was avoiding by spending $225 on the JDM ones. I needed the functionality, but didn't want the big plastic look. Here is a pic of my car with the JDM ones mounted.

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