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My LGT wagon install: Part 2 (Rear Doors)


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Hi, guys...


Today we finished the rear doors, so I thought I'd post some pix.


First, here's what came out of there... the stock 6.5-inch Panasonic speakers... paper cone, foam roll, small voice coil... probably cost about $3.00 - $4.00 each. They have a funky mounting flange with a thick cardboard spacer to create a reasonable seal against the door panel. Any aftermarket speaker will require custom spacers.




Next, Gary applied Dynamat Extreme to the inside of the door's outer skin.




Gary fabricated some ABS panels to seal off the large hole in the rear of the door (we don't want the speaker's back wave energy to come back around and buzz the door panels).




Next step was to apply Dynamat Extreme to the outside of the door's inner skin, further deadening the door and sealing off all the small holes.




Here's a detailed view of the plexiglass spacers Gary fabricated to bolt up to the factory mounting holes and accept the XR650 coaxial. He likes to use plexi because, unlike wood, it won't swell or shrink.




There you have it... we then connected the speakers and reattached the door panels.


More to come...


Manville Smith

JL Audio, Inc.

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Looks excellent, Manville!


I have one question though. I don't know anything about acoustics, but you know how you sealed the bottom hole with ABS plastic, how come you didn't seal the upper hole as well, except with space for the wires and such? Wouldn't that also have the same issue? Or is it to far or welded off with metal somewhere inside?

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Excellent question (and a good eye), Axis... there is a very stout styrofoam pad on the door panel that meets that upper hole and stiffens the span of Dynamat across the upper hole, so it wasn't necessary.
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Manville - how about the wiring? I see you pulled new cable in.....how was access through the OEM guides? I need to pull in at least 16-4 or else mount my crossovers in the door (not the best place, in case adjustments are needed on the tweeter level at some point).


From what I can tell, you pulled dual runs of 16awg, maybe even 14awg cable, which is great to know. I have a spool of Monster MCX2 sitting around....that's about the size of 4awg, though I can strip off the outer layer that holds the twist and get it down to about 12awg for the last bit into the door..




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Firedawg... the spacers are 1-inch thick.


Patagonian... wire access through the door boots is a pain in the butt, but Gary managed to pull a 12 AWG pair for the woofer and a 16 AWG for the tweeter through the factory boot. It would have been a lot easier to pull two runs of 16 AWG (and perfectly adequate from a performance point of view)... but Gary is a stubborn old dude. We also left the factory speaker wires alone so that the car can be returned to stock someday. My crossovers will be mounted in the hatch area. Mounting them in the doors is not a good idea for several reasons... need to access for adjustment, moisture, rattling, troubleshooting... you name it.


For the front doors, we needed to run three wire pairs (two mids and one tweeter), so we used three 16 AWG wires into the door. If you just needed two pairs, then a 12 AWG and a 16 AWG would fit.


Axis... I need to correct an earlier post about the upper door hole... the styrofoam pad actually contacts the lower hole, not the upper hole in the door. Gary decided to just use Dynamat up top to allow easier clearance for the door pull cables and the wiring harness. Being that the rear door speakers will be playing at a much lower level levels than the front, this is probably an acceptable compromise. The Dynamat is a fairly effective barrier by itself. When it comes to the front doors he will get more "medieval" with the panels.


As a final note... Gary is actually very impressed with the way the LGT is built. He is typically very critical of how car interiors are designed and put together, but he thinks the LGT is a very nice car to work on. It comes apart easily and goes back together easily, with excellent panel fit and integrity.


-Manville Smith

JL Audio, Inc.

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From my recollections of installing my speakers, that pdf looks right.



Luckily, I saved mine when I stripped the WRX of all the goodies at trade. I will need to cut a second set.......I like the plexiglass idea. The only problem is finding something thick enough but in small enough quantity (vs. a whole sheet).

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