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09 WRX and 10 LGT wheel interchangability


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I am thinking of buying a 2010 LGT early next year but I hate the factory wheels.

I do really like the WRX dark gray wheels.


Does anyone know if there's a chance of a swap of wheels between the two? I am sure there would be lots of WRX owners who would love a free upgrade to 18" if the bold patterns match and all clearances work out.

Obviously the tires would have to go. Equivalent heights would have to be got from a tire calculator.


Note: I would have already looked at tire size/availability but there is dispute between SOA and TireRack as to what size tire comes on the 10 LGT. TireRack is pretty sure SOA doesn't know what size they put on their own car, which is a little concerning.

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Dear jjwink:


Thank you again for your interest in Subaru products. The specifications for the wheels for the 2009 WRX models and 2010 Legacy 2.5GT Sedans are:


5 stud with 100 mm bolt circle and 55 mm offset.

The only difference between these wheels are the sizes, which you are already aware of - 18 inch for GT and 17 inch for WRX.

If you need any further information, please let us know.




John J. Mergen

Subaru of America, Inc.

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"Who could it be, believe it or not, its just me."


I just playin.


It depends on what cobb does. If the 2010 has tons more potential like the WRX does, I will be interested.


Most cars Cobb Tuned stage 1 gains 5-8%, the WRX makes 21% or 50 ft/lb peak gains. I doub the LGT will but if it does make near 300 lb/ft I will consder it.

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What was the point of this then. Also, it's silly to buy a car based on ots maps from Cobb. They aren't that great to begin with and you will want a custom tune. Also because of the different setup the new legacy has, I doubt there are maps available yet. And all these cars have potential, it just depends on what you're gonna do.
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Some cars have more factory potential than others. Many have said that the 09 WRX was near undrivable until after at least a base stage 1 tune.

A custom and/or state 2 tune would be more than I would do in a DD.


Will see how things pan out for the 2010, I"m in no hurry.


Don't havve 6 months in to get my VIP purchase, plus I want to wait till my fat tax refund from all the work I have done on my house. Obama will help me by my car without cash for clunkers.


Like I said, I was going to have the moderators delete this, as I had found my own answer.

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factory potential.. you know the difference between a wrx and a legacy is basically the turbo right?


so is the president going to co-sign the loan for you or something?

"The penalty good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men." - Plato
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Cash for Windows.

Cash for insulation

Cash for furnace.


I know the WRX is a fatter turbo, the Leggy is a twinscroll.


What I mean by factory potential is the 09 WRX has an OK exhaust but is shitty tuned from the factory. Cobb claims that without replacing any hardware, +20% torque can be gained across the board. I looked at most the other car maps and I could not find any other like that. Not sure why Subaru tuned the WRX and STI of that year only so far off. Except for maybe emissions.

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