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Custom Spring Rates


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The next modification I am considering is a set of Coilovers, and the BC BR seem like a good quality set for an affordable price. The goal for my car is to have something somewhat aggressive for the street but respectable for track. I am curious about the spring rates that are offered for the Legacy on these coilovers. The BC BR come with 6K front rates, 8K rear rates with the ability to go custom. Here are my questions:


-Why are the spring rates stiffer on the rear?

-Is 6K and 8K a good balance or should I order something more custom?

-What kind of spring rates do people usually run on the track?

-Why dont any 2 brands of coilovers use the same sets of spring rates?

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I have a set of 8K front and 10K rear on order for my car but I have a wagon. I thought that BC changed their specs to 8K front and rear? I went with 10K rear to help create a little bit of oversteer so the car would feel more neutral. I drove an 08 STi with BC CO with 8K front and 10K rear and it felt perfect to me. Anyway, if you want to wait about a week I should have my setup on my car by then and can give you better comments then.
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