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Work XD9 SBC 18x9 43* w/ 255|35 pirelli pzero nero


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no i dont have pix yet, my camera died after 2-3 shots. ill post pix after i wash my car. im still undecided if i should keep the rims.


currently on stock suspension :eek:


back is perfect but the front sticks out like theres no tomorrow :lol:, thank god i got oem mud flaps so it isnt too shabby. the chrome accent on the side skirt matches really well with sbc


front - 3.5 fingers

back - 1.5 fingers








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I have previously considered a 18x8 +43 and after looking at some pics of another member with the same spec wheels, I did not push through. IMO the wheels and tires stick out too much and I am afraid that when I run over a puddle on the road, I'd have splash marks from my side skirt all the way to the roof :lol:
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front sticks out about an inch, sti fenders should do the job. it sits flush on a wrx since their fenders are flared



rears are flush with the fender, if the rear suspension compresses all the way the fender will sit at the very edge of the tire. so some pulling and rolling should do the trick.



ill try to buy a xd card reader over the long weekend, this pix was taken off my bb cell.

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