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another 05 obp obxt...and an accord...


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Just toying around, if anyone wants the originals just let me know (although most came out not all that great). A buddy and I were bored the other night so we decided to pull out his sound quality car and take some pictures.

Here are a few, hoping to nab some with better lighting today.


Constructive comments and constructive critiques welcome. Only a few hours in total were spent, mainly just playing.







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Here's some from today's shoot, 05lgt-Hank and a 98 Eclipse RS...




and an interior shot of my outback I'm rather happy with (sti floor mats and an omori boost guage)



more to come as I get progressively less lazy...

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next time we shoot we need to lower the iso, im trying my damndest to get the majority of the noise out...


this is proving to be an excellent time killer...




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For what it's worth the accord is for sale.

It's a full sound quality car, over 20k in stereo done by an extremely reputable shop. It's a finished show car. Not really my thing, but it sounds so wonderful. Road trips fly by watching a video with full dolby surround.

If you are interested pm me and I'll pass the number along.


I've got a lot more pics that I haven't squared away yet, been damn busy. Soon I'll have plenty more.

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