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Legacy envy?

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I stopped on my way in to work this morning to grab a quick cup of coffee. A guy walks up to me in the coffee shop and asks, "is that a Legacy?" I tell him it is and he wants to know what's up with the hood scoop.


I tell him it's an '05 Legacy GT wagon. He's very intrigued. I start telling him about it and he says he was just at Subaru's website looking at cars. He's wanting to replace the car he has now. He also tells me he doesn't want to give up any of the performance of the car he's driving now for that of a wagon.


I start laughing and point to his car and say, "is that your car?" A '97 Infiniti J20t. I told him he wouldn't be giving up any of the performance of his Sentra...errrr J20t. I didn't dis him with the Sentra comment. That's just what was going through my mind as I was talking to him.


I have a feeling there's a LGT in his future.


Just my funny Sub story on my way to work.

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[Lumberg voice]

"Um, yeah, the scoop... See, there is a little thing called a TURBO under there."


"J20t, you say? Um, yeah. We should have a little talk about that. See, This car has more performance, actually. And also isn't hindered by that front driven torque steer, mmmmkay? And also have your TPS reports on my desk by the end of the day. With the new cover sheets." [/Lumberg voice]



J20t to a Legacy GT turbo with AWD would be a step up, I would think, rather than a lateral move.


Quote of the post: "I wouldn't exactly say I've been missing [work], Bob!"

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Must be the G20t, I remember those cars I had a roomate that had one. It was as far as I could tell a Nissan Sentra in a party dress, except it weighed more than the sentra and was even more sluggish.


Can any of you imagine a Lexus version of the Corolla? Man that would be pointless, and so was the G20t. Hell the Japanese manufacturers usually learn from the mistakes others have made. The Cadillac Cimaron should stand as a shining example of what happens when you do the luxury treatment to a sh*t box.

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