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Legacy meet in RI September 12


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Ok so I started a new thread to be a little more organized and official. This meet started at www.SL-i.net and I have it every year. It got kinda big this year (for Legacys). We had 18 cars (not all pictured) and interest in having a second one this year. So I figured I envolve SLi, Legacy Central and LGT. This is an all Legacy meet, we had to imprezas show that is fine, we just dont want to be over run by impreza's.


So below is all the info I have so far. If there's and questions feel free to ask!


Link for the original thread



Time: 11:00am



2009 New England 2nd Meet



September 12th (Sat.) 2009



Colt State Park, Bristol RI


How much:

It's FREE, just bring your own drinks and snacks just in case you get hungry.




1. Reason (RI)

2. evolegacy (MA)

3. )2edline (MA)

4. gator gt (NH)

5. blackgtbeauty (VT)

6. JDM97LegacyGT (MA)

7. Heresmymind (CT)

8. BlackBK (MA)

9. 2005sleeper (MA)

10. 96legwag (NH)

11. Disturbed_beast (CT) +1

12. adam07specb

13. 2005hondakilla (MA) LGT

14. JLav211 (RI)

15. Ural (NY)

16. henryq89 (NY)



1. 4n70n1n0 (CT) SLi

2. RedEvilWgn (NH) SLi

3. magicmike (RI) LC

4. snowo5gtRI (MA) LGT

5. Jonathan (MA) NASIOC

6. dodik (NY) SLi

7. GTTuner (RI) LGT

8. Capestylz (MA) +1 LGT

9. RobE +1 LGT

10. rymac320 +1 LGT

11. fzanetti (MA) LGT

12. foxhound81 (CT) LGT



Pic's from our last meet in June











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Fun? It was awesome! lol Yea so the June 6th meet didn't start till 11am. We had people showing up at 10:30, the majority of us didn't part ways till 8:15pm. And it didn't seem like an all day thing. If it wasn't for my sunburn and the pics you could say it didn't happen!


After we left the park we went for a cruise. Well one of the guys from Jersey lost his crank pulley... Yes his crank pulley. Imagine 15-16 subies pull in a Mobil gas station and start working on his car. Luckily I had my tools, and we had a certified tech there to save the day. I'll even post a pic or two of us at the gas station. I go inside to let the guy know we had a problem and wouldnt be too long. He says "looks like you guys are taking over" lol

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Hope to see you there, but there will be no grilling at this meet unfortunately. Last time some people brought their own food, and theres a wendys not TOO far away from the park. I will do some grilling meets next year for sure.
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