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Legacy Meet this saturday 7/25 at E-Town + Autox


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We are getting a pretty good turnout this saturday for the road course autox, so why not make it a meet too. You can have an awsome opportunity to take advantage of the englishtown roadcouse for only $60, and there are free loaner helmets. NO EXPERIANCE NECESSARY AND THERE ARE INSTRUCTORS AS WELL!!!!! Autox offers a inexpesive and safe environment to drive your car hard and to put your mods that you spent $$$$ on to the test. see if those power and suspension upgrades make a true difference.


Now I know some of you are reluctant to race your cars and would rather just park it and shoot the breeze, and thats fine. I also bet you would like to see some other legacys driven hard in a safe environment so you can see and hear how modifications perform under race situations. for the people who dont want to compete, you can still come and park with the rest of the cars that are autoxing just like a regular car meet. And since this is englishtown, there is food and restrooms on site. you can also walk out on to parts of the road couse infield grass to see legacys, and other cars driving hard up close, and it costs you nothing to come spectate. I invite all tri-state legacys peeps to come autox, and if not to race, just to come and have a meet.


here is the thread with the info including classing- http://legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php?t=83649


If you want to race, Please Pre-register ASAP for the even as there is 150 car limit for this event. Follow the link above or the one in my sig to get to the registration site. Any registration questions, please feel free to PM me. Make sure you show up around 8AM to sign in and attend the novice walkthrough.

For people who dont want to race, you can show up anytime. just come in to gate 3 at E-town and the parking lot for the road course autox will be on the left. there will be an entrance to the lot before the main gate to the drag strip. racing runs from 10am-ish to 4pm-ish so we are there pretty much all day.

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