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Invidia Downpipe


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SPT v2 CBE is 3" mid pipe EXCEPT where it necks down to fit the stock DP using the stock donut.


Buy an adapter, or cut off the end of the SPT mid pipe and replace with a 3" flat flange.


I used this.




Unfortunately tt wasn't quite perfect. I had to open up the bolt holes a little bit with a grinder and use some red permatex to completely eliminate a leak.


If it doesn't hold, I saw that someone makes a 3" flange with about 3" of pipe made to weld on. Luckily there is an excellent TIG welder in my area who hooked me up years ago with my 3000 GT. I can't find the link right now which is ticking me off but I think it ran about $50 bucks or so.

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