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BG Legacy Suspension & Brakes questions

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Howdy all, I think this is the right place for this thread, and since my car isnt in the suggested threads list, here goes.


I have a 1996 Legacy Brighton Wagon. As a result, its the BG model. I cant find much other than brake pads and rotors for it. I know Whiteline has some suspension pieces, and I checked out a friend of mine's 1994 Impreza (1.8 non turbo) and the reas suspension seems awfully close to mine. So my main question is, can you interchange parts between the 1993-2001 series Imprezas with the parts on a Legacy? I'm mostly interested in the brakes aspect of this because of the massive amount of fade that I gety out of mine when just driving on some local mountain roads. I know a good set of pads and rotors will help alot, and I know that fluid and braided lines wont hurt either, but do I have any choices for calipers?

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