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Best and worst cars.

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Berlingske Business (Denmark) did order a survey of car reliability when it comes to safety-related problems with cars. The survey covered 250,000 cars. Notice that this is an European list.


The top 5/bottom 5 are below:



Modell/faults per 100 cars


-Best cars, 4 years old:

1. Ford Focus/ 9,6 faults

2. Volvo V 50/ 13 faults

3. VW Fox/ 15 faults

4. Ford Focus C-Max/ 16,1 faults

5. Audi A 4 Avant/ 16,2 faults


-Worst cars, 4 years old:

1. Renault Laguna/ 60,4 faults

2. Kia Carnival/ 60,2 faults

3. Renault Clio/ 58,6 faults

4. Citroen Xsara Picasso/ 55,1 faults

5. Chevrolet Nubira/ 50,2 faults


-Best cars, 10 years old:

1. Toyota Yaris/33 faults

2. Toyota Corolla/ 45,1 faults

3. VW Bora/48,1 faults

4. VW Polo/51,8 faults

5. BMW 3-serie/ 52,9 faults


-Worst cars, 10 years old:

1. Fiat Multipla/ 154,9 faults

2. Fiat Seicento/124,6 faults

3. Hyundai Elantra/ 120,4 faults

4. Alfa Romeo 156/ 114,6 faults

5. Fiat Punto/ 114 faults


-Best cars, 12 years old:

1. Toyota Starlet/ 41,3 faults

2. Volvo 940/ 50 faults

3. Volvo V 70/ 52 faults

4. Toyota Picnic/ 56 faults

5. Skoda Octavia/ 62,2 faults


-Worst cars, 12 years old:

1. Kia Sephia/ 211,4 faults

2. Ford Escort/ 175 faults

3. Hyundai Accent/ 158,6 faults

4. Suzuki Alto/ 151,5 faults

5. Fiat Punto/ 147,4 faults


Links to the danish site for a more complete list:







Unfortunately Subaru wasn't on the list. But in general Subaru is comparable with Toyota in similar surveys.

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I see Fiat all over that wall of shame.




Just replace the word Fiat with Chrysler and you can see into the future of American motoring...... Gubment' Motors will race to meet them too.

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Get one Fiat X1/9 and one Fiat Uno Turbo, move the engine from the Uno to the X1/9 and you will end up with a car that actually isn't bad!


B.t.w. I did see that the EU now have approved that Fiat can buy Chrysler.

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Chevy Nubira? I'm so sad we missed that one here...


No we had that car under the Daewoo brand, almost all Chevy brand cars in Europe are rebadged Daewoos, most GM Europe cars are under the Vauxhall or Opel brands (and mostly better than the american cars).


I drove a Euro spec Mk II Focus hatch in S Africa, fantastic car and honestly the interior makes the interiors of subarus look like crap, and Ford US cars definitely crap.




Interior space is way bigger than the current gen Impreza hatch as well.

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