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newbie learning logs, im paranoid


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so i have been learing how to read my logs, and i did a pull today from 2k to 6k in 2nd gear, and it looks like im pulling timing, can anyone check this out. Im running E85, and its not hot here, I just want to make sure so I can take it to my tuner. thanks!
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ok, well im still not sure if my stock bpv is working correctly, it seems im hearing some compressor surge. It is opening, but maybe 20lbs is too much for it. anyways I found THREE boost leaks! one was pretty big and the other two were small. Here is a new log i just took...get it.... new log. Sucks, I just got a new macbook and its not supported by the Cobb AP, So I have to switch computers to post a datalog...


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If you have rom raider Log the following. If you don't have all of the parameters, log the ones you do have. Just log from 2000 rpm to redline in 3rd gear.



Engine Load (Calculated) (g/rev)

Engine Speed (rpm)

Ignition Total Timing (degrees)

Knock Sum* (count)

Manifold Relative Pressure (4-byte)* (psi relative)

Mass Airflow (g/s)

Mass Airflow Sensor Voltage (V)

Primary Wastegate Duty Cycle (%)

Throttle Opening Angle (%)

Wideband air/fuel ratio (AFR) - if you have a wide band installed

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