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Which car(s) is the 2006 Sonata copying from?

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This is the 2006 Hyundai Sonata:










Personally, I see a styling cues from Audi, Acura, and Volvo in that design.



"The Sonata - Imitating the look of cars twice its price" :lol:


- Mike

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The rear tails scream ACCORD


Edit: there is a suzuki that is supposed to look like the LGT


Wow, yeah straight rip on the current model Accord from the rear. Audi/VW in the the roofline and corner cuts where the front lights meet the bumper/front panel, Volvo in the creases on the hood that run along the broad shoulder lines, Lexus IS300 in the grille and lights, Legacy in the grille, and current model year Accord because of the rump and tail lights. I'm amazed at that Z cut they're making for the bumper, rear lights and rear quarter panel. I wonder how tight they're gonna get that body fit in production.

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Audi/Lancer-ish headlights, Boring grille

Accord Tail lights, ugly on both cars

Camry side glasshouse, also boring.

Looks better than old sonata which was a lump.

Still very derivative. More derivative than most four-door cars need to be.


They are trying to slice a peice out of the Accord/Camry/FiveHundred/Impala Pie. I'll leave em to it.


It is funny that someone mentions the hyundai copying the fivehundred, when the five hundred is a carbon copy of last generation's Audi A6, with ford headlights (ugly, badly defined shape BTW) and tail lights.


And Ford's other new wonderboy, the Freestyle, is a complete *RIPOFF* of the Outback. An article on the Freestyle a few months back talked about it joining the ranks of the XC70, and Audi Allroad, and other car-unit-body SUVs. Not one mention of the Outback. It steamed me up. Give credit where credit is due, to Subaru.


I think some companies just give up on 4 door cars, and starting to affect SUVs, and they stop trying to come up with their own designs. It is easier and cheaper to just blatantly plagiarize designs from the competition. As long as the non-enthusiast car-buying public doesn't realize it, then they say "Heh, Why not?"


Even our beloved legacy has cues of other cars. The Key is that it is better looking for it (why re-invent the "wheel"? Good looking is good looking), and has enough of it's own line that it isn't a direct copy of anything, (a "dash" of originality) and has it's own destinctive AWD-from-the-drawing-board platform and characteristic flat engine (and a turbo for some) under the skin. Not just a rehash or rebadge of another car, thankfully.


OK, no more bad puns... Back to discussing the econoboxes...

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i personally think Legacy is not that good looking......in fact it has the normal boring Japanese styling existed in a lot of Japanese cars....sedan rear looks like a Malibu and the front and rear proportion is just not right (maybe a deeper air dam would help, someth like spec B front bumper).......wagen is even worse......( no offence, just my own opinion)...



I bought the car only for it's drivetrain..................and maybe the hood scope....;)

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