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Went to the Dealer to Diagnose Clunking Sound After Suspension Installation

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well i've had my bilstein HDs and swift springs installed since last august, and within the past few months, i've noticed a bit of clunking at very low rolling speeds around the front passenger footwell. first, i thought there was a rock or something in the undercarriage tray, but i checked it out and there was nothing in there.


i did a search on the forums and found out that the sound came from a loose interlocking nut of some sort on the tophat, so i took it to the dealership. upon closer inspection at the dealership, they pointed out that the nut (compared to the driver's side) wasn't as tight and it was actually bent slightly. after 10-15 mins, they took it apart and showed me that the self-locking screw with broken, allowing for shaft play which made the clunking noise.


they also informed me that the whole strut needed to be replaced, not just that broken piece. i was quoted $375 from a bilstein dealer and it's going to arrive on monday.


funny how i just went in to get a sound checked out (mind you, i've been driving on this strut for almost 12,000 miles) and they said that if i hit a pothole, the strut would've completely collapsed due to the broken nut.


harte subaru of hartford CT showed some sympathy (i also had my hamster work done here for those if you guys who read the thread), and they offered to pay for my rental car and pay for half of the labor (total labor would've been $180).


if you hear that clunking, don't wait on it - GET IT FIXED BEFORE IT GETS WORSE

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Top hat was installed improperly, not uncommon. Bilstein would fix the strut by replacing the tube. Btw, you should always replace struts in pairs, never single one. You should replace the other one asap, then send the old pair to Bilstein for repair - you'll have matched spares that way.
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