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Gruppe-S problem


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We ordered a Subaru EZ36R engine from Gruppe-S during the spring -08. The engine arrived in Europe in June 08, it looked great and seemed to be in good condition.


Before installing it to our project Legacy, we decided to do some

further checking to ensure everything really was ok. We then found out that the timing gear was not according to OEM specs. All the timing chain rails were made out of aluminium billet, which you usually see only in custom handmade engines.The waterpump had some kind of sensor drilled into it, and it was sealed using epox/glue! This way of sealing had not been good enough, it had been leaking oil which could be seen when we removed the waterpump. We then bought a new EZ36R OEM waterpump, but it did not fit, and either did the EZ30R waterpump!?


This confirmed what we had already expected, this engine was not from the OEM production line, but more like some kind of concept or testengine. We

immediately informed Gruppe-S what we had discovered. Returning the engine was out of the question due to the high shipping costs. We therefore proposed to Gruppe-S that they would send a new engine to our contact in Florida, from where it would have been sent to us on our expense. They said they didn't have a new engine in stock, that they only had a few faulty EZ36R's. We suggested that we could take these non-working engines and build a working one out of

them, but they did not like that idea...


Time went by and a lot of emails were sent related to this problematic engine. We ended up offering to pay Gruppe-S 1000USD for a new engine (normal price was 1999USD) including shipping to our contact in Florida. They replied that a new engine will be sent as soon as they get one. Again a lot of time went by and a lot of emails, but nothing progressed. A year later we have still not seen or heard anything about that new engine. Now Gruppe-S has even stopped replying to our enquiries. We have tried every possible email address we know, but nothing... Over that past years we have ordered engines, gearboxes, wheels, suspension parts, and a lot of other stuff from them for thousands of dollars, and this is their way of saying thank you!


We're running our of ideas here, does anyone have any "inside" contacts to

Gruppe-S, we would be very pleased to hear their view on what is happening here? Just to make clear, we do not want our money back, we just want a OEM spec EZ36R engine to replace the concept/test/whatever engine we got.


We manufactured a custom waterpump to get the engine running, and it's now mounted in our project Legacy It has so far worked flawlessly, but if some day something breaks or we have to replace some part during maintenance, then we might have to buy a new engine. At least the timing gear is far from OEM...



Check the pics!!!


- EZ36R I ( 1. Fixed/repaired waterpump with epox?? + oil leak in water space )




- EZ36R II ( New EZ36R OEM waterpump compare the proken one...NOTE New OEM pump does not fit "this" engine, 4. check the wiring/epox/leak point??? )






- EZ36R III ( 2. Billet parts in Subaru factory engine??? Newer heard??? + 3. epoxy repaired waterpump )





Here is the last pick...


Legacy Spec B MY08 3.6L Charged with Rotrex C38/81




Still waiting Gruppe-S reply/solution for this EZ36R mess...:eek:

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Try posting this in the Bay Area, CA regional section of I-Club . com, you will hopefully end up with more responses and info about Gruppe-S as they are (or were, they aren't listed as a vendor on the site anymore, eek!) a local San Francisco Bay Area shop. Good luck, I hope it works out for you guys!
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  • 7 months later...

Finaly good news...


Gruppe-S have new engine for us!!!


They apologize the whole mess and give gredit to our patience and understanding.


Well finaly they got balls to apologize this engine mess.


Man`s got the do what a man´s got to do...


Soon as I got the engine the moderators can remove this whole thread...


Im happy for the end. :)

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