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Spoilers are bottom mounted, so I guess open the trunk and look at where the ideal place to put a 10-14mm socket into the trunk frame and there you go. The stock spoiler doesn't look overly complicated so maybe 6 bolts but most likely 4?


If I had a sedan, I'd go for the Gialla one.

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I'm going in the other direction...


Shopping for a new Legacy GT right now. The one that my dealer has with all the right options, color, etc. also has the spoiler... which I *hate*. I've told him that the spoiler has to come off, or there's no deal.


Did installing the spoiler mean drilling holes in the car? If so, I'm not real thrilled with having Bondo on my brand-new $30K baby. Does anyone have any knowledge?


(Option two is to have the dealer swap with someone out of state for a similarly-equipped car without the spoiler. That may be the best bet.)

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are there any cool spoilers for wagons?




k2k2's new kit has this wagon spoiler... is that what you're lookin for?


I don't see the third brake light anywhere, though. ¥28,000 yen, if y'er interested.

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There are some add-on pieces from Hippo Sleek.




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FYI as well: I have an M3 spoiler on my LGT (dealer installed it), I think it looks better than the STi spoiler tho similar and fits perfectly....for what its worth...




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