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Frozen Brakes


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So on my way home from work today my brakes decided they would not retract and were locked clamped to the rotors. This actually happened a month ago and I thought that it was just a fluke, like I drove through a puddle and it froze. But this being the second time now, I thought I'd ask.


I have a Rotora BBK front and rear and its just the fronts that do this. I'll be driving along and I might apply the brake for a stoplight or something, but the pads dont retract and stay in contact with the rotors. I stop and get out and the rotors and calipers are just freaking hot. I thought that maybe its just the slides all gunked up, but would it need a complete rebuild? I'm definitely going to need to resurface the rotors.


Anyone with more brake experience than I do, your knowledge is appreciated.

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sounds like you need to take everything apart and regrease the pad edges. they prolly locked in place in the caliper, so even though the pistons react, the pads dont.


you should rebuild the front units and re-grease everything.

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