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NoVA: Free OEM rotors and pads


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My stock pads have lasted me up to 70k :) But they are at end of life now and are in need of replacement.


psucaptainkickass you should measure their thinkness. I think they are still have some life left in them.


Yeah I should, but you saw them...there definitely is some life left in them.



I don't have the measuring devices to get an accurate reading, hence they are free and if you are local, feel free to take a look and see if they are of use to you. I am responding to PM's to people that are interested momentarily...

To answer some questions, yes 62k on rotors and pads...I never had to have them machined, to my knowledge they are not warped, and I have never experienced and steering wheel shake under heavy braking.

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They have 62k on them, so if you need them let me know. Pick up only. I will keep this up for a week then trash them.


you should have sent those to me when I bought your top hats.:)

Racer X FMIC for '05-'09 LGTs, '08+ WRX and '10+ LGT,'14+ FXT, and '15+ WRX TMIC Racerxengineering.com
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