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Dealer : Clutch : Money : Throwout Bearing : Pressure Plate : 40,000 Miles

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I went to the dealer to service my throwout bearing problem for the second time.

The first time when the dealer (in Canada) took apart the tranny and put it together the clutch it became significantly stiffer, even more stiff than my girlfriend's dad's porsche C4S.

The second time (today, Pennsylvania) I took the car to the dealer one of the service reps is recommending the possibility of changing the clutch because it would save me money on 9hrs of labour. The Clutch at the moment is VERY VERY stiff to the point where my knee and leg actually hurts at times. I told them I want to wait till the mechanic takes the tranny apart and sees if the clutch needs replacement. If I were to take up on the idea of replacing my clutch it would cost 360.00 USD for PARTS only. Labour would be free considering the rest needs to be taken apart under warranty.

I have 41,xxx miles on my car (63,xxx kilometers). Could my clutch have gone sour already? I do not feel any slippage(sp?). What should I do, technically it would be a good offer considering the labour is free.

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shouldnt the dealer in canada that messed up your clutch pay for it?


According to his original post the dealership in PA is just suggesting he replace the clutch since the tranny will be taken out to look at what’s wrong with it. Since they will have to remove the clutch to inspect the work and check everything it would be free labor to remove and reinstall. If he were to get the clutch replaced later it would cost him a number of labor hours to do.

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