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sti airbag comfirmation


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i want to do an sti steering wheel upgrade but i also want the sti airbag if possible. what year sti should i get the parts from to fit my 05 legacy gt? i heard the sti airbag was single stage vs the legacy's 2 stage, is this right? i want the airbag to be functional
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It's definitely far, far from cheap, but the K2 piece is basically the rim and frame, with you supplying the center airbag portion from your current steering wheel:





IIRC, both the automatic and the non-switchgear equipped models are available.




Again, it ain't cheap - if you've had custom leatherwork made for you before (OK, guys, I knew you'd think the dirty stuff! :p:lol: it was custom gunbelts and holsters), you'll get an idea of the cost of this particular "boutique" item.

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