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DAS Auto shipper review

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I have had a few people ask me some more details about my experience with DAS shipping my car so I thought that I would post a more in depth review.


This was my first time using any auto shipping company and I have to say that my first time was positive. The primary reason I went with DAS was that the dealer I purchased from said they have used them in the past with good results and that they could drop off the car at the terminal.


When I called DAS I already knew what the original quote would be from my internet quote. The basic quote was for $680 for basic shipping to the Los Angeles depot, it would have cost another $350 to get it the three hour trip from LA to my door. I believe that it would have been around $1000 to pick it up from the dealer and drop it off at my house, but I am a few hours away from the nearest DAS depot. I decided to save a few bucks and make the trip with the wife.


They tried to get me with a few upsells including using an enclosed trailer, positioning the car on the top of the truck to avoid fluid leaking on it, express delivery, and the insurance. I called my insurance company and they said that my personal auto coverage would cover the car so I decided to go that route. I am still driving the old Mazda so I didn't need to pay for the express trip, I forget exactly how much the express would cost.. I also turned down the other options and decided to take the risk of fluid dripping on my car, hoping they weren't going to park a leaky junkpile over my LGT. They quoted that the car would get there in 14 days.


You can log onto the site to get updates as to where the car is, it isn't really realtime but it updates every major stop the truck makes. For the first week and a half I was a little worried because it was still listed as sitting at the Powell, TN lot. But after it was picked up it moved pretty quickly across the country. It was a little frustrating to watch it move further away once it hit NV but I am sure that they were dropping off some other cars. It took every day of the 2 weeks to arrive to LA. They will keep the car up to 5 days free of charge but they will charge $10 dollars a day for any days over, so I had to fork over $10 since I couldn't get there until Saturday.


The car was imaculate when I picked it up, it looked just as good as the pictures that Seth posted, it looked like it was just detailed down to the wet tires and car freshener (I don't know what car freshener they are using at Grayson but it is pretty damn fruity).


I can't compare DAS to any other company but my experience was positive. After the car was enroute I stumbled upon some bad reviews on DAS, mostly talking about how long it takes for the car to arrive. I believe that if you set it in your mind that the car isn't going to arrive until the last day that they quote then you won't be disappointed.


I was financing the car through my bank and I was pre-approved for the loan. To show that I was serious I had to put a deposit down as soon as I told the dealer that I was sold, this was done by a $500 payment with my credit card. I had to fax over some of the documentation but they needed some original signatures so they overnighted some paperwork and included a pre-paid envelope for me to overnight it back. So the paperwork portion of the deal almost took a week. The car showed up with both set of keys but I didn't have a key fob(door lock opener). I paid TN Tax because I am in the military and I am a resident of TN so that is where it is registered.


There is more risk with the way I went but there is no way that I could have got a deal this good where I live, comperable LGT's were going for easily $5000 more expensive.


I hope that this helps, some people out there.

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I also had a positive experience (several years ago) with a DAS move of a car from Santa Fe, NM to here in Boca Raton.


The car finally showed up a week late, but, then, the car left Santa Fe the day before Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. Given the obvious route between the origin and destination, I figured I'd not be too upset with the delay. HPH

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The thing that bugged me about DAS is that it costs extra for things that are included at other shipping companies (like insurance) and the fact that it can take awhile to get your car (quote was over 3 weeks). Then there is the fact that they charged me even though I canceled my order 5 days before they were to pick up my car and it took them a couple of weeks to get my money back.


I ended up using Advanced Auto Shipping which was a couple hundred dollars cheaper and I had the 3 days after pick-up.

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