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The review before the preview of the Audi cars for the Chicago Audo Show

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Q7 3.0 TDI



2009(or maybe it's going to be a 2010) S4 3.0 supercharged



R8 V10




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R8 = HAWTNESSSSSSS! I'd take one with a V8, I don't care. I like the V10's wider blade intakes, though... But GAG, get some other wheels on there.


S4 looks like a very nice car, too bad it is so expensive. More attainable new A4s are underpowered, even compared to my 2005 Legacy. The bodystyle looks better, and looks to be a bit more BL Legacy Sized, rather than shorter with a useless rear seat, like the previous A4. The back of the new A4s is a slight bit bland, but maybe if it were blacked out like the R8.... :D


Q7, couldn't care less.

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We also had the Q5, but I was actually working so I didn't get a pick of it.


That diesel Q7 gets 30mpg, had power at par with the gas V8, and is quieter then both gas motors with a 5k red line.


There is also going to be a A4 S line (which actually looks decent), S5, A4 cab, A6 supercharged, a pair of TT's including a TTs coupe. The ones in the pics aren't out yet and those particular cars are test mules.

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