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AndrewZ's new 05 XT Limited


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The NGK Iridium IX are not the exact match for the car especially if you bought LFR6AIX-11, 6619 (for the STI). And if you bought them at Murrays they don't even know that part, their system shows the shorter plugs for 2.0 turbo Impreza. You will need to regap them IF you have the above plugs - ask me how I know.


I went ahead and bought the STI plugs today to resolve the shorter plugs issue. I did a stage 1 flash today and the logs all looked healthy with good timing advance and no knock, but I figured for $32 bucks I won't leave it on the table. Thanks for the info, f1anatic - I wouldn't have thought they were wrong without the heads-up http://legacygt.com/forums/images/icons/icon14.gif

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