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What STS to get???


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Please chime in with the experience, i am looking in to COBB, KARTBOY, AVO or else, i like the stock shifting feel, just want the throw to be shorter, im reading that COBB has issues, not so many reviews on AVO. If you have any ideas, i wanna her it.
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I went with the SPT STS for my 6spd. I like it. Can't give you a fair comparison to any of the other brands because i went from stock to SPT.


It's not overly aggressive so it passed the wife test. The actual height of the shifter is still the same, but the throw is reduced by maybe 30% or so. With the stock unit I would have to move my elbow off the armrest to change through the gears. Now it is more of a wrist only action. Still I've had cars that made the throw a finger only action. It also has a very positive 'pop' 'pop' gate feel now that I like. The stock unit was to sloppy for me, not enough gear selection feedback.



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