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Spilt gasoline all over side. Will my paint be okay?


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New poster here.


Picked up my Legacy GT 2 weeks ago, and Im filling it up at the gas station during my lunch today and what happens? There was no stoppage click on the gas pump and the next thing I know gas come pouring out the tank and all down the side of my car. I was gonna kill the lady running the place. She's like oh we dont know why we have problem with that. Some arab lady who barely spoke english. I got paper towels and soaked them in water to try and get it off, then I scooted over to Wendys and dumped a large cup of water on it to hopefully flush it off.


Do you think this will fade the paint?

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Well, I put some of the water on it that they put out at the gas station to clean the windshield with. Thats all they had. Then I drive down the street to wendys and they gave me a big cup of tap water and I dumped that all over the area hoping to get the gas off.
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