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Just Picked It Up In The Rain!! My Thoughts!!!! PICS!!!

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Hey everyone... so i've been here a while and FINALLY I GOT MY....


05 legacy gt ltd Black on Black


I picked it up and i was supposed to get it earlier before it POURED here but the clear coat autobond or whatever its called didnt dry.. so i picked it up at the height of the storm... 6 pm ish... with 80 miles on it (it came from the cape which is like 60 miles away)


Anyways they pulled it into the garage and we played with it and stuff....




1) Water pours into the trunk when you open it

2) WTF its liek 40 degrees here and im driving out of the dealer ship and have the temp at like 65 (lowest it will go) and its not getting cold in teh car.. im like sweating... i had the defroster on cuz the windows were fogging up... then wen i turned it off it got alot cooler and a lot faster... im sad i hada open the window to get it cooled off lolol

3) lights could be brighter... (im coming from my dads Porsche Cayenne S with the niiice huge lights...but im still dissapointed)

4) rolls too much on turns... not low/hard enough


High Points:


1) Power is definitly there!!!

2) AWD!!!

3) No Clutch Stink!!!!

4) radio is pretty kick ass (no upgrade or anything1!!)

5) Turning singles on the mirrors

6) dimmer and the dimmer button !!!

7) fog lights look cool

8) auto down for drivers side window

9) unlock/lock feature and beep with the keyless entry system!! (just liek the audi same sound!!!)

10) mean looking hood scoop

11) awesome displays and lights and perfect huge of black leather and the smell and everythign I LOVE THIS CAR!!!



Pictures are at my cardomain... i dont know how to upload them here...

check it out and rate me.. and im gona take more tomorrow



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bishdawg i want to be honest so ill give u two dealers lol...


Vipernevy (Corey Warren) is on these boards and he works for Planet Subaru... hes a great guy and is willing to do whatever it takes to get the sale...


However.. for me it was more practice (planet subaru is in hanover) for me to buy from Natick Subaru...


Natick gave me the best price with the best options and best service... The owner just bought the dealership 6 weeks ago and hes the nicest guy you'de ever meet.... If you dont mind the commute try either or those, i dont know how far billerica is from either... i want to get my windows tinted by the tint king in billerica? someone said he was good...


welcome to the forums....


everyone else please tell me about my "quirks" thanks


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Oh yeah - the quirks...


1) I have a wagon so I can't comment. The rain does have its plusses - it also keeps the bugs down.


2) I've had problems getting the climate control system to obey - it may have just been taking a second to kick in if you'd been idling. There's a good sticky in the interior section I think on operating the CCS.


3) I know you're probably way ahead of me on this - but are you sure you weren't driving with just the DRLs? When I first test drove it at night I didn't know it had DRLs and I too thought the lights weren't that bright. When I finally hit the light switch I was satisfied.


4) Not sure why you'd characterize the roll as a quirk. Are you saying it rolls more on your car then it did when you test drove others? Folks have said the Legacy rolls more than the STI and I've noticed it rolls less than the Forester. I guess it depends what you're comparing it to.


PS. Also great to hear Natick Subaru has changed ownership recently - they used to be real crap. Maybe they got rid of a lot of the lame salesmen they used to have.

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haha mabye, this new guy even has a 9 month old english bull dog hes bringing up as a store pet... hahaa it has really turned around!


DRLS i totally forgot to do that mod!!


No i definitly didnt have them on cuz i turned the switch and was playing with the high beams and the fog lights ect


also im coming from the Audi TT... that thing HAD RAILS... i know they are hard to compare


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Don't worry I cannot get the climate control to obey either. The windows keep fogging up. I think this car is really designed to operate the A/C a lot.


By the way, the section on ACC is useless. I never operate the car in automatic mode...still...at 65 deg and speed 2 , directed to windshield only, they are still fogging up.


Car blows...

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Congrats Alex. This has taken a while but I'm glad you were finally able to convince the grandparents (?) this was the right car... or is my recollection of someone else who's grandparents were going to help them get into an LGT.


I think the "quirks" as you've mentioned them have been pretty much responded to. WRT the ACC - my wagon fogs up if I've got a car full of people and it's humid outside, i.e., raining and the windows are up and the recirc button is set to internal.


When it starts to fog, I just hit the "mode" button until it's set to feet and windshield and leave the a/c switched off unless it fogs really fast, then I just hit the a/c button for 20-30 seconds then turn it off. The windshield and windows will then typically stay clear at the foot/winshield setting.


Enjoy your car. Treat it well and break it in right... you'll enjoy it more for much longer.



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I agree with the recirc button being the issue with your windows fogging. You gotta get outside air in to flush out some of the humidity inside. I know that doesn't make much sense when its raining outside, but your windows will fog if you aren't doing that.


I don't know that you should be noticing the 'roll' problem you mentioned. You said you picked the car up at night and its raining. I think a longer 'break in' period is recommended before driving it like that and certianly not at night or in those conditions. AWD is great, but that car will roll and flip just like anything else if you get it in the right conditions.


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congrats alex...nice lookin ride.

everyone has issues with the foggy glass

break it in nice....subaru tech told me that the real break-in goes on till about 3K miles....but i choose not to listen to him lol.

Enjoy ur new toy

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Your "ASAP mods" list includes interior neons!!! Don't do it man, it's not a Honda.


Meh, on second thought, it's your car... do what you want. Just don't come over to my house wanting to put neons in mine!

Haha. We've gone over this in a previous thread that Alex posted. As long as he does it tastefully, it will be okay. No worries. We know he will not do anything that will get him flamed too much. :)

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haha thanks for the responses everyone!!


im on my way to school right now so ill post later


no there arent any HIDs on mine yet... i guess it was just the florescent bulbs or somthing in that dealer's garage...


as for the neons... we will see... haha i might not do them cuz i want to save for a radar detector.. but no worries no ricing heere :-d


thanks again everyone!


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congrats alex! glad to see you finally picked up your car. I think the climate control is a little tempermental, but doesn't bother me that much. I think the headlights give out plenty of light, although after seeing the thread yesterday on the sale on hids.............


have fun!

258k miles - Stock engine/minor suspension upgrades/original shocks/rear struts replaced at 222k/4 passenger side wheel bearings/3 clutches/1 radiator/3 turbos
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haha aight guys.. im such a tool... i duno how it got so dirty (i know black gets dirty) but i mean wtf i didnt like drive anywhere!!! mabye it was the rain storm that i drove through? whatever.. i came out from school and realized it was wicked dirty... so i went home and cleaned it....


This is what i did:


hose was turned off so i used a bucket... i put water and Dawn soap in the bucket and threw it on the side of the car... then i refilled the bucket and took a cloth and wiped the dirt off making sure the cloth was wet.. then i threw clean water on it and let it dry... seemed to look ok.. i havent seen it in the light since it dried cuz i just got off work... buuut its an amazing car!! i loved coming out to the parking lot where i work and seeing my car by itself and having those stock rims glitter at me!!


also the paint is amazing!! its not just green sparklies... it has blue in it too!! its gorgeous lol


the rims look alot better in person then they did in pics (also i think the contrast with the black is great for the overall look too!!)


I LOVE DRIVING AROUND AND SEEING PEOPLE LOOK AT ME LIKE IM DRIVING A FLYING CAR its amazing that no one knows what it is really hahaaaa!!!



anyways i am dumb and forgot to take pics when i washed it.,.. but tmrw is friday1! and i have vacation next week!!! so ill figure out everything then...


also my next q:


1) DRLs? i dont seem to have them on... also wen i turn the car off if my lights are on.. will; they turn off too/ i dont want my battery to go dead during the night cuz i didnt turn the nob back to the off position....



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