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Advice needed, muffler


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I have a 05 LGT, auto. I have a full exhaust for it, UP, DP, and Strumung catback.


The problem is that it is too loud. If a person rides in the back seat it sounds like a bus is behind you; and its hard to have a conversation. The Strumung catback is really nice, full stainless steal, 3" pipe with duel tips.


Can i just change the muffler to make it quiter? If so which one should I get? I dont want to speand a lot of cash, I notice some mufflers are over $300. per. Mine look like they were $350. per.



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im not sure if the stromung mid and y pipes are designed to bolt onto stock mufflers. The Megan exhaust is really quiet especially with the silencers on. Where are you located, I have actually been looking for the stromung exhaust for awhile. If you are local (so cal) would you be interested in swapping?
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