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AP - What does CAN mean?


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so it has to do with datalogging?


a couple more questions:

1) how does the AP map affect the si drive? Does it only flash the S# or all of them or does it make si drive useless?


2) do I HAVE to reflash the ecu or can I just do realtime so that if I want to go back to stock I can just unhook the battery? Are there any advantaged to one or the other?

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Has nothing to do with datalogging. With a CAN network, all modules in the network receive all information. There are descriptor messages in the information. Each module looks at the information to see if it is for that module. If it is, it takes it in. If not, it passes it along.


1) does all of them

2) it stores your stock map before reflashing with a Cobb off-the-shelf map, so you can reflash to stock any time. unhooking the battery won't change anything



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Ok back on topic...in the '07+ LGT's, Subaru changed the system that the car uses to communicate with all the various sensors and controllers throughout it to a CANbus system. So, when you see that Cobb is just referring to certain years of cars. For your other questions:


1) The SI Drive will still function just as it always has. Each mode will just have more power than it did before you installed the AP. If you get a custom tune from a tuner then they can make changes to each mode to make them behave any way you'd like.


2) The AP forces you to do a complete reflash when you first install (marry) it to the car. You don't have the ability to do realtime flashes until after you marry it.

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