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The Painting the Legacy thread..


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Heres the story. I Picked up my 98 Legacy in the Summer of last year. After The local tech high school telling me they can paint it for me for almost an entire year, the guy decides he can not do it....which leaves me with a Bunch of Paint supplies and an unpainted, messed up Legacy Wagon.




After calling around to other local tech high schools, it seems they will not take on a job of painting an entire car :rolleyes: o well... what now ?


After talking with people about other alternatives, like Maco and whatnot...there was only ONE real solution... Paint it myself ! :)


And it all begins...


With the help of my trusty paint crew...http://i71.photobucket.com/albums/i152/illnastyimpreza/100_1088.jpg


We scuff the entire car with grey Scothbright pads & waxgrease remover/prep wash.http://i71.photobucket.com/albums/i152/illnastyimpreza/100_1098.jpg


After inspecting my E-coated hood and fender, I find out that underneath the ENTIRE ecoat is RUST ...EVERYWHERE !http://i71.photobucket.com/albums/i152/illnastyimpreza/100_1100.jpg I went to Lowes and picked up a DA sander on sale for $30, and after another $60 in sanding discs we're ready to strip !(the fender and hood that is) http://i71.photobucket.com/albums/i152/illnastyimpreza/100_1144.jpg


so far We've got EVERYTHING stripped off where it needs to be, and all the kosher factory paint scuffed. all the door bump moldings removed, as well as, mirrors, headlights,grill, front bumper, door handles, tail lights, and bottom window trim.


Over the small rust repair areas I have sprayed rust converter just to be safe...which dries to a BLACK coat of primer(which I'm going to sand off anyway) You can see the areas where the rust converter stays WHITE, which is completely rust free. http://i71.photobucket.com/albums/i152/illnastyimpreza/100_1152.jpg


I only had 2 actual rust HOLES on the entire car, which isn't bad for a beater wagon that is 11+ years old. I sanded them all down, sprayed rust converter, and then started fiberglassing.


Notice my old legacy seat/ kneeling pad :D




I just got back from laying down a second coat of resin on the repairs. I will prolly put down another 5 or 6 minimum before primering. Then bodo to smooth out the body lines.


I also just orderd all the Epoxy primer I need for the hood and fender which is bare metal. I learned that the 2k high build urethane surfacer I had is NOT meant to be applied on bare metal, but is ok to use on bondo and whatnot.....so I will use the surfacer over the bondo before I spray my base. And the Epoxy primer on all the bare metal that doesn't need bondo.


I'm almost ready to paint !.....

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I did a rear quarter panel once, with a spray aerosol bottle.


Enamel dries really, really fast so, go for lots of thin coats of paint.


I had re-sand (several times) lot of bumps where paint ran down the side of the panel from spraying on too much. Also caught a few bugs and dust in the drying paint.

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I'm using paint from a company called Southern Polyurethane. I'm going with a deep gloss single stage black. These paints are aircraft grade, and SUPER durable...used mostly by hot rodders and restoration guys.


I'm going to be sealing the entire car, then spraying the base and hopefully callin it a day :)


Wish me luck, I'm almost ready to start taping off.

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Single stage is the way to go on such a huge project. We used a single stage on one of my cousin's ecoline work van and it came out looking great! Just make sure that you clean and clean everything very well if not you'll get fisheyes for sure.





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I like your moxy. I find that if I take enough time you can do a pretty good job. Usually nicer than a shop ( unless your spending big money ) because you dont mind sweating the details. Keep us posted with picks. BTW take care of the team.
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can't wait to see the results!
258k miles - Stock engine/minor suspension upgrades/original shocks/rear struts replaced at 222k/4 passenger side wheel bearings/3 clutches/1 radiator/3 turbos
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1500 BUCKS...no thank you. My total cost of paint,bondo,fiberglass and supplies is probably 350 so far.....I could add in the total cost of all my tools, fuel for my garage heaters, BEER and pizza for my crew, and STILL come out like 1/2 the price of that stuff :lol:

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Been workin on it ALL DAY...since prolly 9:00 AM. I've got EVERY spot of rust grinded out and primed. My quarter pannel is all fiberglassed, and I am finishing it up with spot pudy. The car is entirely Tarped off and ready to be cleaned one last time before I spray.


I cut the hole for the scoop, measured, outlined, gooped her up and mounted it ! The goop I bought came with a special gun...holly shit is that stuff SOLID when dry. I got a couple drips on my hood, and I could NOT ******* get it off the hood. even with 60 grit on the ******* DA !


I'm back inside taking a Beer beak. I've only got like 1 more coat of spot puddy. Then I can sand her down, and primer up the quarter.


The epoxy primer says surface metal temperature HAS to be an absolute minimum of 70 dregees to spray... I've had the heater BLOWING hard all day, so I'll cross my fingers...it still feels kinda cold to the touch :(


EDIT: Just got back inside its 12:00, and I've been working since 9 this morning. NON STOP.


I snapped some pics.


hoodscoop mounted :) The goop I used takes 4 hours to dry. unfortunatly I didn't use enough on the first try :rolleyes: the car is now sitting waiting for the goop to dry so I can sand and then start painting !




car all taped



quarter pannel almost done...



pass side dent repairs



roof repairs...




Tomoro will be colder...Not sure if I have enough time to warm the garage up and start painting. I leave for Snowboarding in Colorado :cool:

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Dont rush now. Go snowboarding and come back fresh.


good advice. I think thats what I'll do :)


coule coats of Epoxy primer...




I just sprayed my hood with epoxy primer, my gun kept getting clogged and inhibiting the flow to the gun... any ideas ?? The paint came out with speckles even after I cleaned it TWICE. What does this mean? I mixed it wrong ?? O well, its primer and is gonna be blocked flat anyway...


Any advice for CLEANING the CRAP out of my gun ?

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Any Updates?


yeah I had a serious lack of air problem. Since then I bought a 5.5hp honda motor driven compressor that puts out 11cfm. I'm gonng tagteam it together with my 15 gallon 5cfm craftsman compressor into my new 80 gallon tank :)




I was planning on starting paint today...but I will be at the compressor shop finishing my air settup....I gotta wait for the next WARM day to start painting.

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This is going to be good. Looks like you did all the necessary prep work, and thats what it takes to make a DIY paint job look great. The more detail you put into prep, the easier it is to get a nice finish. I can't wait to see the finished product.
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This is going to be good. Looks like you did all the necessary prep work, and thats what it takes to make a DIY paint job look great. The more detail you put into prep, the easier it is to get a nice finish. I can't wait to see the finished product.


thanks, the weather has been BALLS cold lately. I wanted to wait for a day above 32+. But it doesn't look like its really gonna happen...they keep changing the freakin forcasts ! I'm just gonna get both my torpedo heaters CRANKED up full blast and see how she does :) I need a MINIMUM metal temp of 60 to spray... so I will probably have to heat up the garage for a couple hours before hand. I also need to go around the garage and CLEAN the crap out of it so I don't get dust and shit on my paint. I just ordered a new paint gun too :)

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